Warrior Products 842 Sport Rack For Jeep Cherokee

Warrior Products 842 Sport Rack for Cherokee 84-99

Looking for carriers that you can be assured and secured for your heavy equipments on your Cherokee? Check out the new device from Warrior products the Sport Rack model 842 specialized for Cherokee 84-99. The Warrior Products Sport Rack is made of durable and high quality materials that could last a long period of time. This can be helpful to you, especially when you are carrying heavy stuffs. Going to family gatherings, birthdays, outings and parties that are far away, you will never be worried about bringing everything you need. You can be confident of putting your stuffs over your Cherokee because the sport rack has complete equipments that can keep your things protected. The Rack is newly released and in always perfect condition.

If you are travelling on a humpy and muddy road, there are safety locks that could make you less worry of falling your belongings. While you are on a travel, you can also encounter different car problems. Flat tires and running out of gas in the middle of a road trip is the most common circumstance that you can experience. The Sport rack has an adapter that can hold a spare tire and has a padlock for safety. This Rack has the cheapest price and it has a discount of 14%. From $510.73 to $439.99, you can now save $70.74! It is affordable and accessible. It has a weight of 58 pounds that is very light for your Cherokee. The length of it is 47 inches, a width of 33 inches and height of 7 inches. The item model number and manufacturer part number is 842.

If you want a no hassle travel, this can be a good suggestion for you. You can now enjoy travelling long distance trip without worrying the things you will bring.