Surco S4550 45″ x 50″ Jeep Safari Roof Rack


People who want to explore new places and adventures are tend to encounter more on how to carry all of their stuff and extra baggage. One product can accommodate all of your excess things in one place, by the use of a Surco S4550 Jeep safari roof rack. The purpose of this device is to gather and pack your things up on your car roofs directly. But, some people find this material risky, especially when their trip will pass rocky roads. They usually think that their belongings might fall and loss. But one thing is for sure, the Surco S4550 45″ x 50″ Jeep safari roof rack can give you the solution for this problem.

The device has a lot of features that can help you through many ways. One unique advantage of this product is that it is light. It weighs 28.1 pounds, which means it can be carried by only 1-2 persons. It has the size also of 55 x 10.6 x 5.7 inches and can be assured that a lot of cars especially cars intended for traveling can fit into this. It has a hi-lift adapter that can help you adjust the size of your baggage so that it will stick together whenever your car bumps into big obstacles. It can be also used as a spare tire adapter. You can be able to load up to two extra tires in one travel. It also has an ax and shovel adapter in case you want to use them. A safari light adapter can also be installed in the rack. Another unique feature of this equipment is that it can be able to carry your bike since the size is capable.