Smittybilt Jeep Roof Rack 40404

Smittybilt 40404 Defender Roof Rack

Smittybilt 40404 Jeep Roof Rack is made from 16 gauges, completely welded 1 inch round steel tubing and finished in a durable black textured powder coat. The roof rack design is a perfect blend of form and function. Welded light tabs (4 front & 2 rear) and integrated flooring optimizes the functionality of these Jeep roof racks. Multiple mounting options offer a secure mount to any vehicle. As with the roof racks, the rest of the Jeep line is produced to exacting standards and built for years of uncomplicated use. With the consumer do it yourself in mind, easy installation is always at the vanguard of our designs.

Smittybilt Jeep roof racks are world-renowned for their durability and ease of installation, with an excellent finish. Crafted from 16 gauges 1 inch steel tubing that is fully-welded, these roof racks are elegantly finished in a black powder textured coating. They feature front and rear tabs drilled onto the rooftop, and this ensures the upper bracket fastens firmly onto the base plate of the roof. The roof racks simply drill into the roof, by use of rubber expansion nuts that are tough and give a tight hold, giving extra storage space for you.

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