Kargo Master 5034/5023 Jeep Roof Rack

Kargo master roof rack

Kargo Master is a top manufacturer of modular truck and van rack accessories for over 32 years already. They are known to be the major producer of the strongest, most stylish and most durable accessories for trucks, jeeps and vans. All of their products are designed, engineered and manufactured in their facility in California. They are equipped with high end technologies and equipment that make them number one in the quality and style on the market. For your money’s worth, Kargo Master will give you the power.

The Kargo Master 5034 Congo Cage Rack for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door is easy to assemble with the congo roof rack Kargo Master 5023. This great roof rack is an accessory that will surely make your loading and unloading of heavy materials or cargo easy and fast. Strong and sturdy materials are contructed to provide a rack that will hold your heavy cargo. Even if you are an often-camper, adventurer, traveler and active in sports, this rack will accompany you for a very long time.

Kargo Master Jeep Roof Rack

Features and details of the Kargo Master Jeep Rack

The Kargo Master Jeep Roof Rack is constructed with high quality materials. It has a coated finish and can hold up to 500 pounds of weighted cargo and materials. It has a tilt feature that enables relatively easy soft top use. Though it need 2 people to assemble and mount, it has very clear instructions and easy to follow. The bars weigh 100 pounds total.

Review on the Kargo Master Cage Rack Mount

Good purchase! The rack was easy to install, me and my brother finished the assembly and installation in just a few hours. It looks good on our Wrangler and is a pretty tough rack. Though it has some noise when we test drive with it, it suits us just fine. We love attention that is why we continue to modify our jeep. Now, we can load heavy equipment on top of our jeep and go travel and camping.